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Activities of Lok Sevashram Chiksaura

  1. Formation & Management of self help groups : Under the scheme of SGSY supported by DRDA -Nalanda, we have formed 230 groups consisting of 2665 members of underprivileged women in Hilsa and Tharthari Block of Nalanda district.All groups are nurtured and linkages with Banks.Out of 230 gorups, 75 groups have the bank linkages and have get loan of Rs. 1,45,00000/ only.The members of the groups have started income generation activities like detergent making, milk production, vegetable cultivation, Lahathi and other co-related activities
  2. AXSHYA PROGRAM : The organization is also running the awareness program of Tuberculosis supported by Mamta New Delhi. The main objective of this program is too aware the community about the disease of tuberculosis. Tuberculosis has become a very common disease because communities are not aware about its symptoms, which is quite common to understand and there are certain precautions to avoid this disease. Organization is conducting the awareness program of tuberculosis in the community as camp level to aware them about its symptoms and safeguard. Resource person of the organization are also promoting the community for sputum test, which is to determine tuberculosis and also supporting the positive patient to take medicine free of cost from DOT center running by the government. Also as the precaution explains the community in their awareness camp to boil the cow milk till adequate time because cows are also very common carrier of tuberculosis. If any one is infected in the family then some separation like eating, sleeping together Must be avoided.
    TB Activities :-
    1. Survey of Community and Refferal of Identified suspects on the Basis of survey.
    2. Meeting witrh community, VHSC, PRI, Social Activists, DOTS Provider, ANM & Health Worker.
    3. Collection of Sputam of Suspects.
    4. Transportation of Sputam to Concern D M C for Test and attachement with Dots Provider of Positive Patients.
    5. Management of DOTS Provider, if needed.
    6. Advocacy with TB Patients.
    7. Retrival and Advocacy of defaulter Patients.
    8. M id-media Actvities & Wall Writing.
  3. Skill Development Program : Lok Sevashram Chiksaura have organized skill development training program in different trades like Shorthand Typing, Food Processing, Beautician, Pumpset-Generater Repairing, Sewing-Cutting, SoftToys Making, Motor Vehicle Driving, Fetter Welder, Carpentry, Production of Vermi Compost, Home Nursing Attendent and in different trades of Computer for rural & urban unemployed youths.

    Most of them are earning through their skills for families.
  4. Catract Operation & Health Check-up Camp : The organization is also conducting free operation of cataract by collecting the donation. The beneficiaries of this camp are the poor people and vulnerable group of community, those cannot afford the cost of the operation. The organization is providing lance and medicine is also provided by the organization. The organization is also conducting free medical check up for poor and vulnerable group with the local support.
  5. Improving Reproductive and Sexual Health of Young People : : Awareness camps are organized in the villages on the right age of marriage by explaining the disadvantages, loss of health and risk of life due to early marriages. This program is supported by MAMTA health institute for mother & child, New Delhi.
  6. Workshop and seminar : Seminar/Workshop on Marriege at Right Age/Compulsary Marriege Registration/Pregnancy Delay -Our organization organized seminar/workshop onabove said issues in which a large no of women particited.This is a burning issue of the society.Seminar/workshop is playing important role for the society in this connection.

    We have organized a number of workshop and seminar during this year in different thematic area regarding NREGS, Right to information, Consumer welfare, Atrocities on women, H IV/AIDS, Education for all, Environment pollution, Road safety, Welfare scheme for SC/ST, Birth registration, Animal welfare program, and development of waste land